Across all skin types, across all continents and cultures, the aging process includes photo damage, volume redistribution, and loss of connective tissue and wrinkling of the skin. As life expectancy continues to increase, almost doubling over the past century, and as youthful appearance has become more pivotal to personal success and wellbeing, appearing continues to become of increasing concern. Our global cultures are now intermixed. Society has become more heterogeneous.   Ethnic differences are clearly evident every day, in every culture. Dark-skinned individuals have firmer smoother skin that those with lighter skin of the same age, however aging  occurs in all cultures with regard to pigment, wrinkles, volume loss and laxity

WorldPath Health professionals have been caring for the international community for over two decades, and offers a comprehensive knowledge of the functional principles of ethnic and aging skin, and can properly care for aging skin of all populations. For a discussion of various skin types, aspects of skin aging, and approaches to rejuvenation CLICK HERE


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