Program Overview


WorldPath Health




     The process begins soon after the client enrolls. A complete medical history form is available for completion. Translation of medical history and medical records is available for all languages. WorldPath medical professionals review this information to determine whether any specialized testing or specialty consultation is indicated. If so, recommendation is made and appropriate special services can be conveniently arranged.

      On the day prior to the testing, the client meets with a WorldPath professional and the test schedule is reviewed. Instructions and materials for pre-testing preparation are provided. On the evening prior to testing, the client prepares for testing in the privacy of his or her own home or hotel room. Translation concierge services and assistance with test preparation are available.

      On the day of the examination, the client arrives at the VIP testing facility in the morning. Tests are scheduled and performed in a manner that allows the client to move efficiently through the testing process at a comfortable pace with little or no waiting or inconvenience. Lunch and snacks are provided (special dietary considerations available). Testing concludes in the late afternoon.

     On the morning after the testing, the client arrives at a convenient pre-scheduled time for consultation with a WorldPath medical professional. The results of the examinations and all tests are presented, reviewed, and explained. Assessment and analysis of the test results are provided, and specific recommendations for any additional medical consultation, testing, or lifestyle changes are offered. Rapid follow-up with any additional evaluation or specialty consultation may be arranged at this time.

       The client is presented with a copy of the results of all tests performed, the assessment, and all recommendations. Conference with the client’s personal physicians may be arranged as well.

   All test results are the property of the client and remain strictly confidential.

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