WorldPath Health MEDICAL INFORMATION BULLETIN – URGENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, CAMBRIDGE, MA, November 4, 9:00 AM: Journal of American Medicine Pediatrics reported that the Zika infection during pregnancy may be linked to “a distinct pattern of birth defects” being referred to as “congenital Zika syndrome.” Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “describe five types of birth defects that are either unique to Zika or occur rarely with other infections during pregnancy.” The researchers “analyzed publicly available reports about defects among infants and fetuses whose mothers had either confirmed or presumed infection with Zika virus during pregnancy.”

       The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently gave an assessment of the Zika virus’ trajectory indicating that it would eventually become endemic throughout the continental U.S and that the Zika virus could not be contained using existing technologies.

Although infectious disease say that there are other technologies in development that could help, from vaccines that can be produced more quickly, to mosquito sprays that can help eradicate the virus-carrying mosquitoes, for now, the most effective protection remains avoidance of exposure.

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